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Staff & Vestry

The Rev. Seldon M. Walker

The Rev. Seldon M. Walker


The Rev. Seldon M. Walker began his service at Grace in mid-August 2020. He is a lifelong Virginian and Episcopalian. Seldon holds a B.S. in Geological Sciences from James Madison University, where he met his wife April (who also earned a B.S. in Geological Sciences before earning a M.A. in teaching, also from JMU). Prior to seminary at Virginia Theological Seminary Seldon worked as a geologist and later as an environmental specialist with a focus on environmental policy, permitting and regulation. Before being called to Grace, Seldon served as an associate priest at Historic Christ Church in Alexandria. Seldon and April have twin boys, Levi and Hayes.

Seldon’s day off is Friday.

Email: rector@GraceChurchYorktown.org
Phone: 757.898.3261 ext. 130

The Rev. Nanette Woodworth

The Rev. Nanette Woodworth

Associate Rector

The Rev. Nanette Woodworth has just joined us at Grace as our Associate Rector. She holds a BA in French and Music from University of Connecticut, Storrs; she earned her teaching credentials at Rider College in Trenton, New Jersey, and an M.Div. from Union Theological Seminary in New York City. Later Nanette completed the Anglican Studies Certificate at Seminary of the Pacific (CDSP). She taught middle school math and language arts for children with learning challenges in New Jersey and North Carolina, and worked for as many years as a Director of Christian Formation in Episcopal Churches in St. Augustine, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia and Greenville, North Carolina. Most recently Nanette served as an Associate Rector at Calvary Fletcher, near Asheville, North Carolina, after being ordained in 2019. Her daughter Haley is pursuing her acting career in Los Angeles after graduating Magna Cum Laude in both Acting and Arts Administration from Elon University, NC. Nanette enjoys playing the flute in baroque ensembles, English Country Dancing, the visual arts, hiking and biking.

Nanette’s day off is Friday.

Email: associate@GraceChurchYorktown.org
Phone: 757.898.3261, ext. 120

Suzanne Daniel

Director of Music

Suzanne Daniel has been leading various choirs and making music with the people of Grace since 2008. She wears many hats, including the “Sunday tech” hat the pandemic tossed her way. While her primary instrument is the bassoon, you’ll usually witness Suzanne sharing her talents vocally as well as on our church’s organ, the piano and flute.

Email: music@GraceChurchYorktown.org
Phone: 757.898.3261 ext 120

Lisa Wood

Director of Finance and Administration

Lisa Wood returned to Grace, where she’s been a member for over 20 years, as its Director of Finance and Administration in October 2021. Lisa has 30 years’ experience in various business roles, including accounting, auditing and computer programming. Animals are her passion and she has fostered for a local agency for years.

Email: finance@GraceChurchYorktown.org
Phone: 757.898.3261, ext. 140

Jerry Twigg


erry Twigg and his wife Virgie are longtime members of Grace. He is a retired U.S. Navy captain whose post-retirement work included being the executive director of a major nonprofit on the Peninsula.

Email: treasurer@GraceChurchYorktown.org

Brenda Moore


Email: archives@GraceChurchYorktown.org

Diana Mason-Smelt

Database Manager

Email: data@GraceChurchYorktown.org

Kim Lenz

Communications Coordinator

Kim Lenz has served in this role since October 2019.

Email: communications@GraceChurchYorktown.org
Phone: 757-898-3261 ext. 110

Pam Foster

Facilities Manager

Email: facilities@GraceChurchYorktown.org

Dr. David Miller

Cemetery Director

Email: info@GraceChurchYorktown.org


Grace’s Vestry is its lay leadership. Here, three parishioners are typically elected by the parish annually for a three-year term; a total of 9 (sometimes more, sometimes fewer) parishioners make up the Vestry and serve staggered terms. These people have three basic roles: to take care of the parish finances and buildings, and to choose various leaders (like the rector) and representatives (like the parishioners who serve as Grace’s delegates to the annual diocesan convention). Leading the Vestry is the Senior Warden, who is chosen by the rector, and the Junior Warden, also chosen by the rector and who typically assumes oversight of the campus buildings and grounds. Each Vestry member serves on a subcommittee or board dedicated to a different aspect of church activity.

The Vestry meets at 6:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of the month. Grace’s Vestry subcommittees are: Finance & Audit, Properties, Endowment Board and Day School Board. The Rector’s Committees are: Beloved Community, Christian Formation & Discipleship, Outreach & Mission, Pastoral Care and Worship.

The current Vestry members and their appointments are:

  • Senior Warden Jim Giesken (Finance & Audit, Endowment)
  • Junior Warden Bonnie Baffer (Properties)
  • Jerry Twigg (Finance & Audit, Endowment)
  • Matt Chamberlain (Christian Formation & Discipleship)
  • Gisele Carter (Beloved Community)
  • Aleyne Hamers (Outreach & Mission)
  • Denise Wash (Finance & Audit, Day School Board)
  • Emma Morgan (Worship)
  • Lynn Lubinski (Finance & Audit, Properties)