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Day School Programs

Teaching Philosophy

The Grace Day School and Kindergarten provides a program based on the developmental-interaction approach in all three areas of a child’s development: social/emotional, intellectual and physical.

We provide opportunities to develop the whole child with experiences in literature, listening language, science, music and mathematics based on the child’s individual level of ability and achievement. Our small classes allow us to provide one-on-one instruction.

As a church-sponsored school, we offer a Christian environment in which children learn simple songs and stories of an interdenominational nature. Children participate in chapel, led by our clergy or lay staff, including our director of children and youth ministry. We accept children of all religions, race and ethnic backgrounds.

Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten at Grace Day School is a unique experience. With a class limit of 10 students, we are able to provide extensive hands-on, one-on-one instruction using a variety of media.

The Kindergarten curriculum includes current Virginia Standards of Learning for English, science and math. In addition to the SOLs, Kindergartners also learn the actions and language needed for positive interaction with other children and adults in various settings, and how to express their thoughts and ideas through words, art, play, music and stories.

Core Preschool Programs

All our programs incorporate stories and creative movement while encouraging each child to get along happily with others as we learn and enjoy life.

Special Activities

In addition to our normal classroom activities, In addition to our normal classroom activities, we offer weekly chapel led by a member of our clergy.

Special Events include a Halloween Costume/Fall Festival, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Program, Valentine exchange, Grandparents’ Day, Easter Egg Hunt and an End-of-the-Year Program.

Curriculum for Two-Year-Olds

  • Development of social, emotional, language, cognitive and social skills, pre-writing, cutting, shapes, counting, numbers, letters and name
  • Stories
  • Music
  • Arts and crafts
  • Fingerplays

Curriculum for Three-Year-Olds

  • Learning and repeating nursery rhymes
  • Recognizing and using names, shapes, colors, numbers, the alphabet, cutting and writing
  • Growth in language and music

Curriculum for Four-Year-Olds

  •  Learning numbers, the alphabet (upper and lower case), the Pledge of Allegiance, days of the week and months, simple sight words
  • Printing letters and names
  • Growth in language and music